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How HVAC may Affect your Health

How HVAC may affect your health? Winter means more time indoors to stay cozy and warm with a house heating system. As you get the family together for a movie night or an evening homework session, you want to feel confident that the air in your home is pure and clean.

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It would be best if you discovered ways to prevent indoor air from making your family sick this winter or any season due to dry air or the likes of carbon monoxide and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a pressing problem all year round due to its threats to our health, but it is way too dangerous during winter. Gas stovetops and furnaces produce carbon monoxide (CO) and release the CO into the air we breathe. Even small amounts of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide may already be a … read more

Radiant Heating Pros and Cons

Before installing a radiant heating system, consider radiant heating pros and cons. These include energy efficiency, design flexibility, and cost. There are also some cons to the installation process. Read radiator heating pros and cons to learn more. 

What is Radiant Heating

Invisible electromagnetic and infrared waves are responsible for radiant heat to provide us with the amount of heat we want or need. Contrary to other ways of heating, such as electric pumps, radiant heat systems do not need the heat in the air. Items closest to the infrared rays absorb the radiant heat energy almost immediately. As they absorb the energy, they heat up and radiate heat to other items close to them. In time, the whole room is warm.

The efficacy of radiant heating systems is that they transfer heat from the floor up to the ceiling or directly to people and objects. It uses elements to … read more

What is an HVAC Tune-up?

Tuning up HVAC SystemPhoto Source: Square One Insurance

What is an HVAC tune-up? With the mid-year season fast approaching, we all perceive what’s in store when it arrives. The humid climate and scrutinizing and heat-swarmed shorelines, crowded plane terminals and malls, higher power bills and out and disruption of our comfort are a part of the things we foresee.

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Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that we fear the rising utility charges the most. While different HVAC systems are capable of helping us combat these problems by reducing our utility bills, few out of every odd individual are fit for presenting them. For this reason, many would give up their comfort for their utility bills.

What Does an HVAC Tuneup Include?

If you are fully aware of how to take care of your HVAC system and do what it takes to maintain them, you can sleep … read more

Homeowners: How to Prepare for Common HVAC Emergencies

how to prepare for common hvac emergencies

We can never know when an HVAC emergency is going to strike. According to government statistics, a quarter of all households don’t have savings ready to pay for an emergency HVAC repair should one be needed. Half of those who do have some cash prepared have less than a thousand dollars – certainly not enough to cover a new furnace.

Read on to make sure you’re not risking getting stuck in a cold home if your furnace stops working or keeps shutting off during the winter.

The Most Common Causes for HVAC Breakdowns

A faulty air conditioning and heating system was the most common of all home emergencies cited in the report – it accounted for a fifth of unexpected breakdowns. Some frequent causes of a furnace breaking down are:

-Faulty pilot or ignition

-Dirty filters

-Malfunctioning thermostats

-Wear and tear over time

Meanwhile, the most common HVAC unit problems… read more

Tips to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

increase home energy efficiency

Here are tips for you to save money, save energy, and help the environment at the same time when heating your home.  Spoiler alert!  Regular furnace cleaning and lowering your thermostat are key to reducing energy costs during the winter.

Equalized Payment Plan

Enroll in the Equalized Payment Plan to prevent peak winter energy bills by spreading out your yearly natural gas furnace costs over monthly installments.


Have yearly maintenance to keep your furnace properly adjusted, clean, and lubricated. When your furnace is running at optimum efficiency, the operational costs will be lower and it will use less energy.

Replace or clean your furnace filters every one or two months. Dirty filters obstruct airflow and the furnace has to run longer to achieve the same temperature.

Purchase an ENERGY STAR® furnace that has a variable speed motor. Upgrading from the standard 60% efficiency gas furnace … read more

Extend The Gas Furnace’s Lifespan

Gas furnaces typically last 15 to 20 years. Performing regular furnace maintenance ensures you maximize the life of your gas furnace while decreasing the occurrence of costly emergency repairs. Be smart and hire a professional to maintain and repair your furnace, especially when in doubt. Natural gas is a powerful source, and it can explode, especially if you do not know what you are doing. Second to that, always make sure that the furnace is safe before starting repairs or maintenance. Turn off power by tripping the furnace’s circuit.


If you smell gas, leave the house and call the gas company or the fire department. They will let you know when it is safe to return home after they check for leaks.

Regular Air Filter Replacement

One easy task that extends the life of your furnace is replacing the air filter twice per year. Your gas furnace’s filter … read more

5 Sneaky Plumber Tricks You Should Know About

Many people hate having to call a plumber to get help. A majority of plumbers are honest and trustworthy professionals, however some of us worry that some of them might try a few underhanded tricks and overcharge us. Therefore, we are uncomfortable just picking up the phone and calling one. The following are 5 of the sneakiest plumber tricks. Learn how to recognize them so that you can better able to locate an honest professional to help you with your plumbing issue.


1. Working uninsured and unlicensed

Uninsured and unlicensed tradespeople tend to charge less for the services. However, hiring them can be very risky.

A majority of cites require that homeowners use insured and licensed contractors, even when a permit is not required. Homeowners can still legally do most renovation work on their own houses. However, there are some limits. For instance, a licensed professional must be … read more

Typical Problems Where You may need a Plumber

There is no doubt about it that there are a lot of different types of plumbing that run all through your house. There are the hot and cold water lines that run through the walls and feed all the sinks and bathroom fixtures and many drains that run through the flooring and eventually end up going into your sewer or septic system.

See tips from experts on how to select a 24 hour plumbing professional.

It goes without saying that wherever there is plumbing there is also the possibility of you having some plumbing repairs to do. The following list of common will most likely need a plumber to resolve them for you.

Clogged Septic or Sewer Line

There are some plumbing jobs that even if you have the know how to resolve them they are just better left to a professional to do them; one of those is definitely … read more

Professional Drain Services

You probably have few things in your home that outnumber the drain lines. It’s a good thing too because of all the water you use in your home each day. Used water used and often unsanitary water must flow away from your home. Thus, the drains must work properly.

With all the use that drains get, it is surprising that most people neglect routine services such as drain the kitchen sink. Here is a list of drain services that you or a professional plumber should be doing to your household drains at least once a year.

Drain Inspections

Any type of semi-annual or annual drain services must include a visual inspection of the openings to any household drains. Drains tend to get clogged easy when large chunks of debris get into them so it is important to make sure all your household drains have screens or grates on them … read more

Home Air Conditioner Guide for Beginners

If you’re new to buying cooling systems, check out this home air conditioner guide to ensure you purchase the ideal AC for your home.

You are finally making steps in replacing your old central AC, but you are clueless on how to look for a new system or how much to spend. Don’t be shy in admitting you know nothing about ACs. Let this replacement be a breeze with the help of this home air conditioner guide.

Unfortunately, several factors can influence the cost of a new central AC. It can be truly intimidating for an average homeowner like you.

But the good thing is that this home air conditioner guide will teach you all about the essentials, so you know exactly what to do, what to expect and what to prepare for until the installation is complete.

Choose the Air Conditioner Type

Will you go with a straight … read more