Homeowners: How to Prepare for Common HVAC Emergencies

how to prepare for common hvac emergencies

We can never know when an HVAC emergency is going to strike. According to government statistics, a quarter of all households don’t have savings ready to pay for an emergency HVAC repair should one be needed. Half of those who do have some cash prepared have less than a thousand dollars – certainly not enough to cover a new furnace.

Read on to make sure you’re not risking getting stuck in a cold home if your furnace stops working or keeps shutting off during the winter.

The Most Common Causes for HVAC Breakdowns

A faulty air conditioning and heating system was the most common of all home emergencies cited in the report – it accounted for a fifth of unexpected breakdowns. Some frequent causes of a furnace breaking down are:

-Faulty pilot or ignition

-Dirty filters

-Malfunctioning thermostats

-Wear and tear over time

Meanwhile, the most common HVAC unit problems are the following, according to the Ministry of Energy:

-Electric control failure

-Improper drainage

-Refrigerant leaks

-Sensor problems

An empty bank account leaves you in a very precarious situation if you happen to have a problem. Either you’ll go without air conditioning and heat – which, in many climates, is not really an option; borrow money from relatives, friends or banks – which may lead to a variety of complications including interpersonal problems and interest charges; or settle for a shoddy, cheap repair which may end up costing you a lot more over the long run. Instead, it is best to take the right steps to make sure you’re prepared to deal with a breakdown should one happen.

Avoiding Emergency with Your Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

If you happen to experience one of the problems above, you could potentially end up on the hook for major repair bills, including needing to repair your entire AC unit or furnace. Follow the tips below in order to lower the risk of getting an emergency, and stay prepared in case one ends up happening:

-Keep your air conditioning and heat gear well maintained. If you make sure to perform maintenance regularly, you’ll decrease the chance of a breakdown and prolong your equipment’s life. It’s also more likely that you’ll have an advance warning in case one part of your system is starting to malfunction.

-Build up some savings: There is a wide variety of great reasons to put aside some of your check whenever you’re paid. Having cash ready to repair your furnace or air conditioning unit if they happen to fail in a bad time will grant you peace of mind and protect you from the elements.

Consider home warranty: If you purchase a maintenance program or warranty for your air conditioning and heat equipment, you can rest assured that the gear is going to be maintained in the best condition possible – and be protected in case it ends up breaking down.

Trust The Experts to Make Sure Your HVAC Remains Working

To schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning and heating system, or to get some emergency assistance, get in touch with a skilled HVAC technician right away.