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Radiant Heating Pros and Cons

Before installing a radiant heating system, consider radiant heating pros and cons. These include energy efficiency, design flexibility, and cost. There are also some cons to the installation process. Read radiator heating pros and cons to learn more. 

What is Radiant Heating

Invisible electromagnetic and infrared waves are responsible for radiant heat to provide us with the amount of heat we want or need. Contrary to other ways of heating, such as electric pumps, radiant heat systems do not need the heat in the air. Items closest to the infrared rays absorb the radiant heat energy almost immediately. As they absorb the energy, they heat up and radiate heat to other items close to them. In time, the whole room is warm.

The efficacy of radiant heating systems is that they transfer heat from the floor up to the ceiling or directly to people and objects. It uses elements to … read more