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How HVAC may Affect your Health

How HVAC Affects HealthPhoto Source: Senica Air HVAC & HEALTH

Winter means more time indoors in order to stay cozy and warm and not be buried in tons of snow. As you get the family together for movie night or an evening homework session, you want to feel confident that the air in your home is pure and clean.


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It is crucial that you discover ways on how to prevent the indoor air from making your family sick this winter or any season for that matter due to dry air or the likes of carbon monoxide and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Carbon monoxide is proven to be a pressing problem all year round due to the threats it imposes in or health but it is way too dangerous during winter. Gas stovetops and … read more

Tuning Up HVAC Systems

Tuning up HVAC SystemPhoto Source: Square One Insurance
How often to tune up your furnace?

With the mid-year season fast approaching, we all perceive what’s in store when it arrives. The humid climate and scrutinizing and heat-swarmed shorelines, crowded plane terminals and malls, higher power bills and out and disruption of our comfort are a part of the things we foresee.

Regardless, among these, I think it’s safe to say that we fear the rising in utility charges the most. While different HVAC systems are capable of helping us combat these problems by reducing our utility bills, few out of every odd individual are fit for presenting them. For this reason, many would give up their comfort for the sake of their utility bills.

If you are fully aware of how to take care of your¬†HVAC¬†system and do what it takes to maintain them, you can sleep well at night … read more